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Truffles on Gotland – could that be possible? Yes, for sure. And of supreme quality. It grows naturally in many places and new cultivations also give annual harvests. The season for Gotlandic truffle starts in the beginning of October and ends when the ground gets frozen.

To make Gotland’s ”Black Gold” nationally and internationally wellknown, Gotland’s Truffle Academy was founded in 2011. The inspiration comes from Southern Europe, where the truffle since ages is honoured in so called ”chapitres”.

Gotland’s Truffel Academy invites you to an outstanding truffle festival weekend 15-17 November 2019 where the truffle is highlighted. The program includes many aspects of truffles.

Friday 15 November During the afternoon it is possible to buy truffle and truffle products in the shopping mall at Östercentrum. In Östergravar there will be demonstrations with truffledogs on how to find truffle.  During the evening pubs in Wisby will open their doors to tastings of their interpretations of truffle afterwork.

Saturday 16 November seminars are held in ”Donnerska huset” in Visby about truffle in other countries and how to use truffle in food. In the Saint Maria Cathedral an atmospheric truffle ceremony follows that includes designation of this year’s truffle chef, beautiful choral singing and entertainment. After the ceremony, a six-course gourmet dinner with truffles in all dishes and exquisite wines is served at the Clarion Hotel Wisby. The dinner is prepared by the chefs in Culinary Gotland an association of the best chefs on Gotland. In addition, some of Gotlands other restaurants offer different truffle menus.

Sunday 17 November  The restaurant Smakrike Krog & Logi offers trufflebrunch in Ljugarn. It will also be possible to attend truffle hunts on several locations on Gotland.

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