Chef of truffle

Mathias Dahlgren appointed ”Chef of truffle 2013” by Gotland Truffle Academy

Within shortly Gotland Truffle Academy will celebrate its third annual festivity. For the second time a leading chef is awarded the title ”Chef of truffle”. The Swedish truffle industry is new on the market and therefore it is a great interest in learning about how to use the excellent Gotlandic truffle. Gotland Truffle Academy wants to give prominence to eminent national and international actors by two different awards: ”Chef of Truffel” and ”Truffle of Honour”

The ”Chef of Truffle” is appointed by the board of Gotland Truffle Academy. Mathias Dahlgren was appointed with the following statement:

Mathias Dahlgren is appointed ”Chef of Truffle 2013” due to his extraordinary gastronomic competence which has made him a leading chef in Sweden. As a proof of his professionality he always uses the best seasonal products, preferably locally grown or produced. By creating tasty dishes of our Gotlandic truffle, Mathias Dahlgren has appealed to the senses of taste of his guests and the restaurant industry as a whole, showing what a taste sensation truffle could be. Thus Mathias has stimulated the development of the truffle industry on Gotland”

–        I am very pleased to welcome such an inspiring, creative and skillful expert to the festivities of Gotland Truffle Academy on the 16th of November, says Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, chairperson  and ”Major Honorary Truffle” of Gotland Truffle Academy

For more information, please, contact:

Susanne Welin-Berger, Gotland Truffle Association,
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